The digitalization of the health sector and the addiction therapy support through new media raises a lot of questions. We have tried to answer the most common addiction therapy questions regarding RADIUS below. If your questions is not one of them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I test RADIUS?

You can register here for a free RADIUS test account. This includes all CRA counselor features for you to test yourself. You can also log into dummy client accounts, or create a new one to experience RADIUS through the eyes of a patient first hand incl. all SMS survey functions.

What needs to happen so we can use RADIUS in our facility?

Take all the time you want to test RADIUS, or ask us for a personal live demonstration. As soon as we learn about your interest and we discussed the contractual details, it takes about four weeks to install your RADIUS server setup. We start with a training session on your site and will guide you through the integration into the daily routines. Alternatively, RADIUS can be installed on servers, which are hosted by your own IT department as well.

Where is the client data stored?

Each facility using RADIUS works with an exclusive setup of three joint servers. While two of them separate the personal information from the usage data, the third server is used to save encrypted backup copies of your setup. In case the program is no longer used all data is handed over to be physically stored within your facility for the legally binding period. Put plainly, your data is never mixed with anyone else’s data. It may cost more, but it is a lot safer.

At the end of the treatment clients can have their data anonymized or deleted. Anonymized data can be used for further research.

No data is stored locally on the individual devices being used by client and CRA counselor. While most apps would store the information on the device itself, RADIUS does no such thing. Losing the device brings no harm and means no loss of sensitive information.

Can we share our RADIUS server setup with others?

If you are part of an umbrella group for which one privacy policy applies, all enclosed entities may share one RADIUS setup. Data stays within the family while the expenses may be shared.

How is the access encrypted?

Our privacy policy concept bound by strict German law commands us to encrypt the traffic via SSL and limit the access itself. This password protection is extra strong for the CRA counselor using a 2-factor encryption. It takes a password and a digital key to unlock the data access. We will gladly supply you with the latest version of our data protection concept upon request.

What is the single biggest privacy threat?

Many studies found that in fact the users themselves are the biggest threat to a protected system. Despite of all our efforts to technically protect all of the data, we cannot influence the use of PCs, smartphones and tablets directly. We do, however, supply our customers with a detailed guide of what not to do and how to navigate the web as safe as possible.

Does RADIUS take up extra counselor time, or does it actually save time somehow?

RADIUS does support processes you already have in place. Initial feedback tells us that CRA counselors in average spend about 15 minutes extra per day using RADIUS to answer client messages. This amount of time may vary according to the amount of clients and the preexisting communication via phone, email, chat or sms. Other than that RADIUS is beging used to enhance the session preparation, to focus the conversation, to analyze the behavior and most of all to extend the CRA counselor’s reach in between sessions.

Does RADIUS trigger the need for redundant documentation?

A connection to your existing management and documentation system (KIS, SAP, etc.) is technically feasible, but has not been implemented so far. RADIUS does however have the feature to export all client interactions with the system and to safe them digitally or analog as printed documents.

Is RADIUS a limited intervention for the addiction therapy?

No, because RADIUS can also be used in aftercare as a part of the client’s daily routines.

Do I need to be CRA certified (counselor, supervisor, trainer) to use RADIUS?

It is highly recommended to have had a certified training with the CRA framework to use RADIUS professionally. It is however not mandatory to have RADIUS installed and in use at your addiction treatment facility.

What does a client require in order to use RADIUS?

We deliberately chose a solution that may be used with a simple smartphone by sending sms messages. Having access to the internet on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop) or desktop device (PC, Mac, Smart-TV, terminal) only enhances the user experience and grants access to more features. RADIUS only needs any internet browser to release its full potential.

What requirements does a facility need to comply to?

Internet access is the most important requirement. Ideally it is supplied wirelessly through WIFI or mobile internet (UMTS, LTE). In case internet may only be served by cable connections you need to take into account that client and counselor will look at the same screen during sessions in order to review the clients profile and data. Therefore using mobile devices like laptops or tablets instead of the CRA counselor’s desktop computer has many advantages. The internet connection’s speed however is not of the essence for RADIUS.

As every CRA counselor receives an individual software key to access RADIUS, we strongly recommend to save it on an additional device like a USB stick on your key chain.

Who is taking care of my patients when I am away or ill?

RADIUS allows you to transfer selected clients to other counselors for an unlimited period of time.

Can my supervisor use RADIUS as well?

Client accounts can be dealt with by the supervisor and then handed over to the actual CRA counselor. This allows the supervisor to monitor all client activities in the tool and give feedback directly to the CRA counselor.

How do I bill RADIUS?

Your time spent with the tool is no different to the time you would spend with any other software or medium. As long as it is an approved therapeutic intervention your time can be accounted for.

Is there a limit to the amount of client or counselor accounts?

The amount of accounts is not limited in any way. Asides from regular service and maintenance you are only charged per week for clients who are actually active. Inactive or released clients may be stored (for research) free of charge.

Can I customize the look?

RADIUS come with three different color schemes to be selected from according to your preference. RADIUS can also be adopted to your corporate identity (CI) to include your logos and other visuals.

What happens if clients change their cell phone number (again)?

The saved cellphone number can be replaced at any time. No data is lost when changing devices or losing a SIM card.