You are a professional treating addiction disorders and you apply the Community Reinforcement Approach.
How do you support your clients in between sessions with CRA online?

RADIUS – The extension of your therapeutic reach!

The only internet-based guided self-help tool especially developed to support the treatment of addiction disorders with the Community Reinforcement Approach CRA online.

If you are not yet treating your clients using the Community Reinforcement Approach CRA online, RADIUS is your digital extension. Reach into the everyday life of your patients and let us help all parties involved:

Support for Clients

  • seamless integration of CRA online in everyday life
  • support and feedback between sessions
  • individual motivation and activation

Support for CRA Counselors

  • central management of all individual treatment plans
  • visual pattern recognition of client’s behavior between sessions
  • safe communication channel for messaging

See here for even more details on what RADIUS has to offer for your treatment. Is the feature you are looking for not mentioned? Just get in touch with us. Your request may very well already be on our development roadmap.

We can brag on all day long, but you had best test CRA online yourself!

Setup your free RADIUS test account here and experience all features first hand. Learn how counselors and clients can benefit in their daily routines. While a counselor has all clients managed in one system, clients can blend working on their goals right into their every day life. RADIUS can serve during the out patient withdrawal as well as the aftercare for long lasting successful abstinence.

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Would you like to use RADIUS in your facility?

Do not wait and send us a short note right away. We will gladly discuss all further steps with you on how to support your treatment with CRA online.