What is RADIUS?

RADIUS is the only digital guided self-help tool especially for the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) and offers a broad range of features to support clients and counselors during the out patient treatment. This is how clients react to RADIUS:

„I’ve got my cellphone in my hand all day long – RADIUS enables me to use it for my therapy as well. And answering daily surveys via SMS attracts no attention at all, which means much less paperwork throughout the day.”

“RADIUS helps me to be honest with myself. It doesn’t tare me apart after a relapse and I don’t have to look into disappointed eyes right away.”

“I do not feel as left alone in between sessions as before. Now, I am able to receive positive feedback and reinforcement from my counselor, right when I really need in my daily life.“

2. Fragen beantworten per SMS oder Browser Fragebögen beantworten Daten zu Schlaf, Stimmung, Suchtdruck und Konsum sammeln unbegrenzter Freitext für Risikosituationen und Tagebucheinträge RADIUS

RADIUS features in detail:

1. Treatment Planning

  • Rating happiness in life categories
  • Setting Goals of Counseling
  • Definition of interventions to reach these goals

2. Survey Processing

  • Answering surveys vis SMS or in browser
  • Collect data on sleep, mood, craving and consumption
  • Describe high-risk situations or plain daily life in free text

3. Behavior Analysis

  • Use collected data to recognise behaviour patterns
  • Identify reoccurring high-risk situations
  • Note alternative behavior

4. Message Exchange

  • Write asynchronously with client/counselor
  • Get notifications via email
  • See all current client messages in a single screen

5. Insight Documentation

  • Realize warning signals
  • Save coping strategies
  • Deposit emergency contacts

6. Platform Choice

  • Use on desktop or mobile device
  • Supply mandatory internet access
  • Adapt to any screen size via responsive design

7. Data Protection

Every facility receives its very own private server setup. Your clients’ data will therefore never be merged with other entities’ patient information. The counselors’ and administrator’s access requires a certificate bases 2-factor authentication. It needs more than a plain password to access your clients’ data. These and many other technical and organizational safety and protection measures are described in our RADIUS privacy concept. Just ask us for a copy of it for further details.