About us

As game developers, our team has learnt how to make life fun. Since 2011, we have been doing exactly that with our Game Thinking agency The Hobrechts.

Unfortunately, game design today does not focus on the creation of an extraordinary experiences to be enjoyed in a safe environment. More and more often, it aims to manipulate the the players to maximize retention and revenue per active user. One could say that this made us the professional drug producers of the 21. century. Gaming disorder actually is one of the latest additions to the documented addictions. We would be lying, if we claimed to like this trend. And that is why it needs an opposite pole.

With Circumradius, we would like to put our knowledge and our experience to good use as E-Mental-Health application developers. How can digital tools support the treatment of addiction disorders? And how can these tools be made accessible, motivational and easy to use? We are trying to help answer these questions. We always work in partnership with leading professionals in their field for guided self-help tools and always primarily for the patient.

Openness, transparency, trust and respect for each other are our foundation pillars, combinde with lots of fun, because not everything has to be hard all of the time. Even hard pills are easier to swallow with a smile on your face.

In our view, life is about the transformation of uncertainty in certainty – possibly free from angst and fear. Social groups are known to help in this, which is why we formed our first group of friends back in 2011. Now we have started to do the same for others as well.

The Team

portrait_christoph team

Christoph Brosius, Managing Partner. Started in advertising and worked as an assistant director for movies before he became a producer and lecturer. He was awarded the Young Leonardo Award for Corporate Learning and loves to ride his motorcycle.

portrait_gregor team

Gregor Woitczyk, Technical Director and co-founder. Built cars for Volkswagen and is an experienced backend magician and game developer. He won the German Game Developers’Award for his interactive book for pre-school children “Carl’s Castle”. Please do not disturb him if soccer is on.

Severin Brettmeister, User Experience Designer and co-founder. No biker, but roots in advertising as well. Game Designer with a strong specialty on interface design. One of his projects won the International Digital Emmy® Award. Professional procrastinator.

Stephan H. Müller